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Back in 1999, three friends, Pete Sindone, and brothers Mike and Sam Cestaro, use to be on a few online auto parts locating services. After a few years trying their best to work with the services they removed themselves from all of them. This gave them the idea to build their own Used Auto Parts Service.

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In 1986 Mike and Sam Cestaro bought an Auto Salvage yard in East Patchogue Long Island. Since then All American Auto Wreckers has become one of Long Island leaders in the used auto parts business, then in 1998 they hired Long Time Family Friend Pete Sindone to help work with them to make the yard even better. With all the hard work they put into building All American and making it one of Long Islands Best and Cleanest Auto Salvage Facility. They now turned their interests to the Online Used Auto Parts Locator Service. Within the next few years the 3 friends made a lot of changes to the site and adding in feature after feature to give the Dealers as much as they could give, things started to look good.

The next step was to get the site ranked as high as they could so Repair Shop, Body shop, Insurance Companies and anyone looking for parts could find them and the parts they needed fast and at the best prices and from the best dealers online. So they hired a SEO company to help manage them on the internet and help get them to the top of the search engines and make it easier for people to find them. It took them a few years but they got ranked and been located on the 1st pages on all the top search engines.

Since that time the boys have been putting together what they call the BEST Used Auto Parts Locating Service online. Today with the Hard work of Long Time friend Brain Holzberger they have built what is considered to be the BEST online Used Auto Part Locating Services. Uneedapart.com is the must user friendly and easiest site to navigate for locating auto parts. The Site uses the most modern software and programs so everything is flawless and simple to use.

The Staff at Uneedapart has put together what will be the BEST site and what will be the leader in parts locating services. With the experience that the three partners have from the Auto Salvage Business and now putting that info to use with the Online parts locating service they feel gives them the edge over the rest. Since putting all of this together the Staff at Uneedapart has been working with all Top Salvage Yards across the Country and Canada to build a group of Used Auto Parts Dealers that are the Best of the Best.

The Staff at Uneedapart works hard to help you find what your looking for with the Best Parts Best dealers and Best Prices anywhere… Remember UNeedapart.com makes it Simple to Locate all of your part(s) needed from your shop or at home 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Thank You.