UNAP Terms of Service

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U Need A Part is open to legitimate salvage yards. We currently offer each new sign up a 30 day FREE trial. The cost per month for the service after the trial period is $150.00 for salvage yards, $100.00 for specialized salvage yards, $50.00 for motorcycle salvage yards. If you do not currently have a website and after you have been a paying member for at least 2 months, U Need A Part will build a one page business card style site at no charge including hosting for your company. You are only required to register your own domain name ( i.e. yourbusiness.com ).

U Need A Part has built in filters to allow you to receive only the request you want to deal with. It can be setup by Year, Make, Model, Part(s), and/or region.

If you are a yard that has a hollander or equivalent inventory system, we also offer the Hollander interchange in our requests, you just need to fill out the hollander agreement and fax it back to us.

To sign up please read and agree to these terms, fill out the membership form and click the submit button.

Terms of Service (TOS)

1.Absolutely no auto responding is allowed on our service and it will not be tolerated. All responses should be answered in an individual manner to the part(s) contained in the request.

2. Please use a professional manner when dealing with all requesters, both your reputation and U Need A Part’s are at stake.

3. U Need A Part will not allow you to forward or sell any of the requests we send to you. They are for your eyes only.

4. We will not tolerate collection of email addresses provided to you through our requests for the purpose of spam.

5. Members are only to answer requests for parts they know they have or can get. The only exceptions would be if a member needs to ask a question to obtain additional information regarding a part(s) the user has requested. In other words, if you know you do not have the part, IGNORE the request.

6. Additionally Members cannot ask questions about parts they already have received the answer for, especially for the purposes of setting up auto responders to respond to customers with. Example – If a user requests a headlight and the side is listed in that request you cannot respond to the requester with a question asking which side they need. If you want to ensure the wrong side is not sent to the customer, please ask them this after they order the part from you.

7. All members must provide a price and contact information when responding to requests. Again the only exceptions would be if a member needs to ask a question regarding the part(s) requests, in which only your contact information is required. Simply put, if you have the part and are going to reply, you MUST give a PRICE and CONTACT INFORMATION.

8. No member may disguise themselves as U Need A Part either through display names, email addresses, subject lines, contact information, and/or signatures. When responding to requests it must be clear to the user that it is from your company and not from U Need A Part.

9. If you do not have or cannot get the part a requester is looking for, DO NOT answer the request. This is plain, simple and MUST be followed.

10. Responses to requests that in any way, shape or form mislead or cheat customers are especially not tolerated.

11. To cancel your service, U Need A Part must receive a written letter or email from your company. Once received, your service will be cancelled and a prorated bill will be sent out to you if you still have a balance. If you have paid in advance, you can choose to ride out the time you have left that you paid for, or we will hold a credit on the account for the next time you sign up for the service. We DO NOT refund any remaining balances after you cancel! We will also send out an email to confirm we have cancelled your service.

12. You are given 45 days to make a payment on each invoice. If payment is not received by the 15th of the month following the date of your statement, your service can and will be disconnected. If you service is disconnected you will be required to pay a $25 reactivation fee and a month in advance if you want to have it turned back on.

Note: U Need A Part has security features in place that will pinpoint a dealer if they send auto responders, spam or any unwarranted emails to our requesters.

If any of these terms are violated U Need A Part has the right to suspend your service for any given period of time or indefinitely. U Need A Part also has the right to suspend your service for any given period of time or indefinitely due to numberous complaints about your company from requesters and/or being unable to get in contact with your company via email or phone for an extended period of time.