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Our Mission Statement:

“In these times, few people can function effectively without their automobiles being in good working order.
As we at Heritage Used Car and Truck Parts LLC strive to successfully and efficiently aid people in restoring their vehicles, we assist in enabling them to continue with their lives and callings.
In this way, we seek to make an important contribution to society as a whole, one life at a time, and to honor the God who created these same people with a specific purpose and plan. We do not simply sell auto parts. We contribute in a significant way to the potential successes of people’s lives, and each of those lives is of vital importance!”

These words fuel and continually motivate us as we move progressively forward. We have adopted the following processes that we believe best enable us to fulfill our mission:

  • Our hand-selected inventory predominantly comes from insurance auctions.  Each purchase is made carefully and is handled carefully from day one.  When a vehicle is received, it is immediately vacuumed and washed to facilitate an accurate inventory.
  • All mechanical and electrical parts are carefully inspected and thoroughly tested by our inventory team. If there is any doubt as to the quality of any item, that specific part will be marked as recyclable core and not sold to the customer.

Unlike those at salvage and junk yards, our cars do not languish for years, waiting for sales for their parts to be pulled.  Quite the contrary! Once inventoried, our handpicked vehicle moves immediately to an inside dismantling bay; there a complete teardown process occurs in a clean workspace in the hands of a competent dismantler. This ensures integrity of the parts, provides protection from the elements, and halts the breakage that results from multiple part-pulling sessions. This process also allows us to eliminate the need for numerous “parts-pullers”—resulting in lower overhead and more savings to pass on to our valued customers.

Utmost care for our environment is taken. This is important to us. Freon, batteries, oils, gasoline, and any other fluids are all carefully captured and transferred to their proper holding containers; these will be purchased by processing facilities to be recycled.

The vehicle is completely disassembled at this stage–every reusable part carefully removed and labeled.  The selected, pulled parts are quickly transferred back to our experienced inventory team. The “hulk” of the car will be transferred to a metals recovery facility (although hundreds of cars are processed throughout the year, only a few dozen wait on our grounds at any given time).

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